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Living in Ireland

Helping You Make Informed Decisions About Your Most Important Financial Concerns

A Comprehensive Approach to Your Financial Life

Most of us lead busy lives and must juggle multiple priorities and demands on our time. However, at the end of the working day, each of us is responsible to our families for making the decisions that will determine whether we will achieve our financial dreams.

To do so successfully, you need what the head of every successful company has: a sound understanding of the challenges you face and a comprehensive approach for addressing those issues.

However, being a stranger in a strange land can make this process even more complicated.

Let's look at some of the key things you need to consider...

The Five Major Areas of Financial Concern

For people living in Ireland we believe that there are five major areas of financial concern:

  • Preserving your wealth
  • Enhancing your wealth
  • Taking care of heirs
  • Protecting your wealth
  • Charitable giving.

None of these five areas of concern stands in isolation from the rest. To be most effective, you need to deal with each area systematically while maintaining an integrated approach to your overall financial picture. We call this comprehensive financial planning.

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Comprehensive Financial Planning

As you may have noticed, many financial firms these days say that they offer wealth management and financial planning services.

The challenge for you is to ensure that you’re not just being sold investments or protection products. Instead, you require comprehensive financial planning that recognises your specific circumstances. This requires particular attention; whether for example it’s co-ordinating pension benefits in multiple jurisdictions or where best to purchase and retain assets.

Our Managing Director, Marc Westlake has first-hand experience of these challenges, having moved to Ireland from UK in 2008. As a Chartered Financial Planner, Marc has extensive experience advising clients in both the UK and Ireland, and uniquely understands the challenges of foreign nationals in Ireland.

We define comprehensive financial planning as

Comprehensive Financial Planning = Investment Consulting + Advanced Planning + Relationship Management

Estate Planning

Estate Planning involves the orderly and tax efficient transfer of assets/wealth
between individuals, and most commonly to the next generation, and covers both 
gifts and inheritances.

The core elements of estate planning are legal effectiveness, tax efficiency and practicality.

For many individuals, estate planning can be very straightforward. In other cases, complexities can arise, including divorce, second marriages, non-marital relationships and children. People living in Ireland require expert and specialist advice in estate planning, to transfer their wealth in accordance with their wishes, while reducing the impact of taxation.

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The Financial-Planning Process

The list of potential issues and solutions is long, and many solutions are quite complex. You should conduct a methodical financial-planning process that includes these steps:


Each step is  carefully constructed to uncover and then address the specific challenges that you face.

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